Person seated in sand at the beach


My name is Beriah and some of my interests include digital media, casual photography, short form journalism, and reading.

I am currently a Junior at Arizona State University pursuing a degree in
Mass Communication and Media Studies. This blog was created as an ongoing project for
two of my Mass Communication courses and has been a rewarding experience. I’ve
been able to express myself in long form posts while also showcasing some of
the pictures I’ve taken. I hope that after I’ve concluded sharing about
all course related topics, that I venture out into potentially sharing my thoughts
and feelings about various topics.

I grew up through elementary and middle school writing short stories as well
as journaling quite a bit- which looking back on wasn’t my best writing, but it’s enjoyable to read. Writing down my thoughts can be very cathartic to me, especially since I am a more introverted person. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit!

Instagram: @ber_yiya and @memoriesbyber