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My 24 Hour Media Diary

I chose to do this exercise on Sunday, May 14, since on the weekend I tend to have more variety in my media usage. Once I started to keep track of what I was doing, it was eye-opening to see just how much of the day I was using these platforms. It really gave me a good perspective of how connected I truly am to various media forms.

My day

06:45 AM After waking up, I sent a mother’s day text to my mom. I also checked any other texts and emails that I had, and just scrolled on Instagram while relaxing in bed. I like to be able to relax a little bit on weekend mornings, since during the week I usually have a short timeline before I have to head out to work.

08:45 AM I started browsing and doing some online shopping for Nintendo Switch accessories. I usually shop on Amazon for some discounts, but I decided to try out Temu since they had some big discounts on some of the items I was that interested me.

08:56 AM I called my grandma and wished her a happy mother’s day. We also chatted a little while about what’s been going on in our lives.

09:25 AM I worked on a to-do list in my notes app. I use the notes app for so many things like grocery lists, conversation topics, wish lists etc.

10:00 AM I listened to a Shane & Shane Spotify playlist in the car on the way to church. I really enjoy playing various genres of music and podcasts while I am driving around.

12:50 PM I listened to the same playlist on my way home from church.

1:15 PM I followed up and gave my mom a call for Mother’s Day since she was a little busy in the morning.

1:40 PM I took some time editing my blog page and looking at class requirements. I tried out various themes and wanted to incorporate some of the pictures that I have taken onto some of the pages as well.

3:18 PM I finished school stuff for the day and started watching X-Files. My dad and I are currently watching the show and have gotten to season 3.

5:50 PM I started listening to a podcast episode on recent and upcoming Marvel news on Spotify. I am a big Marvel fan, so I am always trying to see what’s coming up next.

6:18 PM I downloaded some free packs for Sims 4, so I had to start up the game!

8:08 PM I spent some time texting and getting some notifications about an upcoming event that I will be attending.

9:45 PM I took some time to open the Bible app, highlight the verse of the day, and listen to the full chapter of Proverbs 31 being read audibly.

The rest of the night I was relaxing and probably also dozing off. 😴

Though I didn’t use all of them today, I find that the most credible media platforms I use have to do with banking and budgeting. In January, I found a pretty helpful budgeting called Rocket Money It connects to your bank account and allows you to better track and categorize your transactions so you know what you are spending in various categories. I also find Bank of America and TSP to be very secure with my information and quick to reach out if there is any suspicious activity dealing with my accounts.

As I mentioned at the beginning, it really was surprising to see all the different forms of media that I use in a given day. I tend to not think too much about it, especially since it’s so easy to swap between media formats. This was a pretty fun exercise to try!

Thanks for reading!

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