MCO 426

Wikipedia Editing Process

scenery photo by Beriah Grier

For this blog post, I am going into my experience with editing a Wikipedia page.  For my assignment, I was asked to choose a topic that I am interested in or knowledgeable about but that has a page that is not majorly popular on the site. I was instructed to make a comment on the Talk page of the article letting other editors know what I was planning on changing and giving them a chance to dialogue with me.  Whether or not I got a response, I was then instructed to go ahead and make the edit on the Wikipedia page.

It took me a little while to come up with a page that I was interested in editing, but I eventually settled on  the X-men Evolution page, a children’s TV show that aired on the Kids’ WB network for 4 seasons from 2000- 2003. I took a cursory look through the page to see what was included. Then I headed to the talk page to see what some others had noticed and changed on the page.  Editors had removed unverifiable and irrelevant information. One section helped prompt my research because a person asked if there was any information on why the show ended after season 4.

That prompted me to take a look into some interviews with some of the show’s developers and producers from the show’s run. I was able to find an interview with a co-developer of  X-men Evolution, Robert N. Skir.  He provided some background information on some of the reasoning behind the show’s ending, but also provided an interesting fact about an early working title of the show. As you can see in the screenshot below, I noted what I was planning on editing on the page. I also asked if anyone  had any questions or helpful tips for a first time page editor.

Talk page post

I waited a little over a day to see if anyone would respond to my post, but as the last comment made was in 2010, I surmised that most likely no one would be monitoring the talk page. I was correct that no one made any responses to my post. I went ahead and opened up the production notes section of the article page and added my statements about the title and show’s ending at the beginning and end of the section, making sure to add a citation to the interview page. I took a look at the short guide on making changes, but it was pretty simple to add my comments and the citation, as referenced below.

Working Title addition
Show ending addition
References # 5 and 9 were my citations

This experience definitely changed some of my views on Wikipedia as a whole. I had never looked at any talk pages, but it’s helpful to see that there are people out there that care about providing factual information. One person asked a question that prompted my research.  It was easy enough for me to provide my edits and make a citation based on the source that I used. I can see overall that it is pretty simple to edit a page, but that there is a priority for verifiable sources. While Wikipedia should not be used as a source, it would be helpful to look at the citations that editors have placed, as they could provide helpful information. While I am not sure that I will be editing anymore pages anytime soon, I found the assignment to be very enlightening.